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How I made my own bed part II | Always Rooney

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safarial asked: where do you do your printing / sticker production ?


Three places: - (black and white only) really durable vinyl stickers.  I have used their services for years, ultimate punk rock sticker maker. 1 month usual wait period. - Amazing high-quality color stickers of all kinds, kinda pricey, but you get what you pay for.  1-2 month wait period.

Moo - Affordable business cards and stickers, no limit to the amount of images you want to use.  1 - 2 week turnaround.




Student living got you down?

Check out these 18 amazing snacks that you can make in a cup in the microwave! Cheap and easy these are the perfect snacks! 

reblogging again because this post alone made 2013 infinitely better 

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If you haven’t already seen this, PLEASE watch, it is disturbing, but if you consume animal products in any form, you really have no excuse not to watch it, if you can consume the end product, you can view the process.

EVERYONE needs to watch this
no excuses
do it

This documentary is life changing

Earthlings is my forever reblog. Watch it!

If you can’t watch your “food” being prepared because it’s too disturbing, imagine how the animals feel.

Seriously life changing

Turned my chicken-loving friend veggie and turned me vegan for life.

Please do yourself and the animals a favor and watch this. Take a break from your Netflix marathon and watch something important.

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June Late At Tate.


I will be taking part in an exciting debate at Late at Tate this June!

Come to Tate Britain on 7th June (18.00 - 21.30) and pull a chair up to the Round Table to discuss representation in art, hierarchy of power and whether art has brought about change.

Paul Goodwin chairs the discussion throughout the evening with me, Megan Pickering and special invited guests who have each selected a work of art from the new displays.

Guests include Tracey MoberlyDusty 0Sara Shamsavari and Kimathi Donkor!



If you are feeling sads, I think Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry is a good movie to watch for survival mechanisms. I think about his absolute determination quite often when I feel like lying on the floor and giving up. It’s on Netflix Instant. 

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How to balance a checkbook

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